Digital Photography competition to promote Sarpinger travelling the world

Kunde: Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad
Kategori: Digital/print
«Se hvor i verden Sarpinger er». This digital and print campaign was created for Sarpsborg Arbeideblad, who wanted to reach a wider local audience via digital means. SA was advised to grab the chance to reflect the enthusiasm and pride of the locals who like to photographically document their travels locally and internationally. Together with Netron, we developed a digital platform with hashtag #saverden, to showcase these photographers and print adverts which the newspaper ran weekly to motivate their readers and future readers to document their travels and join the competition. This lead to the hashtag being used thousands of times, and a photographic gallery website which the hashtag #saverden is still feeding today via an Instragram integration. Winners of the competitions received prizes from local stores and an overall prize of a travel voucher.